Message from our President


As a result of the just concluded Area Representative election, NHQ PPO Michael Plaugher was reelected as Eastern Area National Representative (EANR), and NY PPO James Mullen will succeed Garrett Loveless as Northeast Area National Representative (NEANR). 

In addition, I recently sought and obtained Executive Board approval to appoint Detroit PPO Geoffrey Bailey to the vacant Central Area National Representative (CANR) position. Geoff also serves as the Postal Police Agency President with the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) and is an individual I frequently rely upon for advice (as is the case with the entire current EB). 

Furthermore, today I will be submitting Miami PPO Craig Clarit's name to the EB for appointment to the vacant Southern Area Representative (SANR) position. 

Upon Craig's appointment, we'll have a complete EB for the first time in years. All eleven positions will be seated. 

I look forward to continuing to accomplishing long-overdue advances and working with these new EB members. 

Finally, I wanted to thank a few individuals. First, to newly promoted Sergeant Joshua Pierce--congratulations and thanks for all your assistance over the past few years (arbitration; grievances; OIG interviews; etc). Second, PPO Michael Hanks--thanks for stepping up and offering to assume the SANR position. The fact that I'm nominating Craig is--by no means--a reflection of what I believe you offer this union moving forward. 

Finally, I'd like to sincerely thank Garrett Loveless for his service to this union. I look forward to seeing Garrett in future representative roles. I should note that Garrett's insights; thoughts; debates; and positions were always timely and well-reasoned. 

More to follow. 



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