UNION UPDATE. May 8th, 2018

Union Update by PPOA President Jim Bjork:

1. Last week, we settled a December, 2017 Houston 14-day suspension at Step 3 (reducing the suspension to an 8-month Letter of Warning to be removed from the PPOs OPF, July, 2018). 

2. We continue to work with HQ LR on pre-arbitration settlements on two national disputes involving holiday scheduling and vacation selections. We should wrap these up within the week. 

3. On June 13, 2018, and on other dates throughout July and August (tentative-awaiting some scheduling confirmations) we'll be presenting disputes to national arbitrators Shyam Das and James Rimmel, involving transfer issues; the promotion pay anomaly; and PPO hiring.

4. On May 14, 2018, we have a meeting scheduled at National Headquarters with Manager, Labor Relations Collective Bargaining and Arbitration, Katherine Attridge (who replaced Joseph Alexandrovich). We'll be discussing PPO pay (obviously), as well as mediation and arbitration issues and scheduling (among a number of other items). 

5. Also tentative, in mid-July and after an unsuccessful attempt to mediate the dispute), we'll be arbitrating a new York denial of administrative leave case. This case relates to the denial of administrative leave during severe snow storms during which all other employees were granted such leave. The case, in a nutshell, opposes the agency's ability to refer to PPOs as overpaid, unnecessary guards at interest arbitration, while at the same time referring to PPOs as critical, emergency employees for whom arrival for duty is critical (similar to how the discipline and fire PPOs using a law enforcement and police standards). The case will reference and take exception to a number of issues, including inspectors being allowed to "work from home" during storms with Agency 4-wheel drive SUVs parked unused in their driveways, while forcing PPOs to traverse through these same dangerous situations in POVs while unarmed and ill-equipped (no take-home equipment, weapons, uniforms, SUVs or adequate SUV pick-up points). 

6. On June 14, 2018, Frank Albergo and I will be in Philadelphia for a meeting with a subject-matter expert related to interest arbitration. After a morning meeting, we'll head over to the Philadelphia PPO office to meet with officers (we're also going to attempt to visit New York and Newark domiciles in July). 

7. On May 15, 2018, we'll be on Capitol Hill for Police Week, Day on the Hill meetings. We've worked with NAPO regarding our scheduled meetings, all of which have been confirmed. One, in particular, is a follow-up to March meetings on issues that appear to have promise (a joint meeting with the staffs of a number of Senators).
8. On May 7, 2018 I filed two NLRB Charges in Regions 02 and 07. Both are section 8 violations--one, involving failure to provide information as relates to the concluded Job Analysis, the other relating to the failure to implement a binding arbitration award in Detroit (more on this in a separate post). 

9. On May 7, following submission of a similar FLEOA letter (attached), we submitted a letter to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Chairman of the White House United States Postal Service Task Force, presenting our critical issues for consideration. We offered to work with the group as they deem appropriate. NAPO has also issued a separate letter detailing PPO issues and concerns. 

10. Finally, today (May 8, 2018), the PPOA--via counsel--will file a complaint in Eastern Michigan Federal District Court seeking enforcement of the aforementioned binding arbitration award and order to comply (again, more in a separate post). 
I know I’m forgetting something. Anyway, as you can see, we have a lot of work ahead--to include the continuation of preparation of our upcoming mediation and interest arbitration case. 

Stay safe,

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