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Dues: Member-In-Good-Standing


Dues for each member-in-good-standing of the PPOA shall be $20.00 per pay period. Any increase in initiation or dues may be established by a majority vote of the Executive Board, subject to the approval of a majority vote of members-in-good-standing.


Dues: Associate Member


Retired PPO’s, family members, and supporters can become Associate Members of the PPOA by sending your contact information and dues check to;


PPOA Associate Member Program

P.O. Box 13419

Baltimore, MD 21233


Prices for Associate Membership are as follows


1 year membership: $100.00

2 year membership: $150.00 ($75.00 per year)

3 year membership: $190.00 ($63.33 per year)

4 year membership: $220.00 ($55.00 per year)

5 year membership: $245.00 ($49.00 per year)

- Any number of additional years may be added to an Associate Membership term over 5 years at a rate of $20.00 per year.


Death Benefit: Line of Duty


The Union shall provide a Line of Duty (on-the-clock) death benefit of $5,000.00 for members. The benefit shall be payable to the family of any member who is killed in the line of duty (to be disbursed to the spouse or parents of the officer, as determined by the Union, or to the beneficiary last requested by the officer in writing). The Line of Duty Death Benefit shall not necessarily apply in instances of death due to nuclear/biological/radiological attack or other acts of war.


Badges: Member ID


A membership ID badge and leather case shall be available for sale to members. The design shall be similar to our duty badges with the wording “Postal Police Association”. The badge price shall be set near cost (currently $75.00).


Badges: Retiree


The Union shall provide a United States Postal Police Retired Badge and leather case to all retiring union members who have been a member-in-good-standing for more than two years (the period immediately prior to their retirement, and without a break in membership).

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