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PPOA Nomination Information

NOMINATION NOTICE-DISTRIBUTE/POST ON ALL PPOA BULLETIN BOARDS Five Executive Board Offices – 2021 Nominations for the offices of Northeastern Area Representative, Eastern Area Representative, Western Area Representative, Central Area Representative and Southern Area Representative will be accepted during the nomination period from members-in- good standing.

17 Regional Representative Positions – 2021 Nominations will be accepted during the nomination period from members-in-good standing for the following Regional Representative positions: Boston; Atlanta (includes Memphis); Chicago (includes St. Louis); Detroit; Dallas; Houston (includes New Orleans); Los Angeles; Miami; Newark; San Juan; New York Manhattan District; New York Triboro District; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh (includes Cleveland); San Francisco (includes Oakland); Washington DC (includes NHQ); and Baltimore (includes CDU).

NOMINATION PERIOD: Thursday, June 3, 2021 through Friday June 18, 2021 Nominations must be made, in writing, and be received by Election Committee Chairperson Eric Freeman at PO Box 90311, Washington, DC 20090-0311 or emailed to, no earlier than June 3, 2021 and no later than Midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on June 18, 2021. The officers elected will serve a three-year term beginning September 1, 2021 and ending August 31, 2024.

As provided in Article V of the Postal Police Officers Association Constitution, all candidates for elective offices shall be members-in-good-standing as of May 1, 2021. A member-in-good-standing is defined as any Postal Police Officer who remains current in the dues requirement, as specified in the Constitution, and otherwise satisfies the requirements of PPOA. All nominees must be assigned to the area or region in which they represent. Nominees will be informed of their nominations. Nominees must accept or otherwise decline nominations. Nominees who accept are required to submit a letter or email acknowledging acceptance of the nomination to the PPOA Secretary/Treasurer by midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on June 23, 2021 via the same means as specified above. Candidates will be provided a list of election and campaign rules and information about distribution of campaign literature.

The election will be held by secret mail ballot beginning July 12, 2021. Ballots must be received no later than midnight, August 13, 2021. Questions or Problems Candidates and members with questions about the nomination procedures should contact a member of the Election Committee or any EB member.

Please note: Nomination forms are located at each facility on the Union bulletin board.

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