Stacy Condon

I'm from the New York Division and I have been pro union my entire career. I've been a PPO for 15 years and a union delegate for 11 of the 15 years.  I'm not the type of person who takes things on face value; neither will I be hesitant to tell you if you're wrong or right.


But most of all, throughout the New York Division I am known as a fighter. The running joke is " management must have done something wrong Stacy is upset" Yes I admit, I am very passionate about my job and I take representing the members seriously. I have only been on the EB for 1 year and the reason is because I never wanted to be associated with the bickering and infighting of the past. However, a few of the people I represent suggested that I consider it and I am glad I did.


I'm a graduate of FLETC an accomplishment within itself. My reputation is well founded yet I remain humble. I don't need accolades to prove my worth but rather knowing that I have done the right things for the membership is all I need.


Thank you


Stacy A. Condon

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