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Bruce Bock

I pride myself on being a consummate professional. Additionally, I tend to have a lighthearted attitude about many things, but I take my position seriously.


I started working for the Postal Service in 1998 as a mail handler at the SFO Airport Facility. I became a Postal Police Officer in 2001, a graduate of FLETC in graduating class of 9/11.


I have held the following union positions: Union Delegate, Regional Representative, and the current Western Area National Representative.


I am a veteran of the United States Navy, completing 20 years of dedicated service.


I’m a husband and father with 5 children. They take up a lot of my time, but I still manage.


I’m an avid sports fan, and the teams I like are:

San Francisco Giants

Golden State Warriors

I’m also an insane Raiders Fan.


I enjoy traveling and camping in my spare time (if any).


Yours in Solidary


Bruce Bock

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