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The Postal Police Officer's Association is dedicated to the betterment of law enforcement personnel through representation of its members in collective bargaining and other labor relations matters.  This organization shall:


1. Act as a collective bargaining agent for its affiliates.


2. Engage in collective bargaining, mediation, and arbitration, if necessary, for the purpose of improving wages, hours, and conditions of employment and advancing the rights and promoting the security of its members.


3. Receive, manage, invest, expend, and otherwise use monies and property of this organization to achieve the objectives set forth in this Constitution.


4. Furnish services to members as required to further the aims and purposes of the PPOA.


5. Unite, represent, defend, and promote the interests of all of its members.

6. Cooperate with other organizations interested in promoting the efficiency, professionalism, and well being of its members.

National President Jim Bjork - P.O. Box 5187 Chicago IL 60680-5187

Mission Statement

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